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Coffee Connections Edinburgh
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Attending Edinburgh Connections Event as a Non-Member – Guide

What do you need to know before you attend the Edinburgh Connections Event?

Edinburgh Connections was founded in 2019 to support like-minded business entrepreneurs with their ambition of growing business via professional networking. We are a supportive business Community.

Each non-member attending Business Networking Events in Edinburgh agrees to the following terms:

  1. Non-Members can attend all of our Face2Face and Online Events.
  2. There are a limited number of tickets for Non-Members for each event. Non-members are asked to select the appropriate ticket type before booking.
  3. Among Non-Members, priority registration is given to first-time visitors. We might cancel a booking for a non-member who has attended 2 events in the past to allow first-time visitors to network with us.
  4. Non-members who have attended a minimum of 2 events will receive a formal invitation to join Edinburgh Connections. If they don’t accept the invitation, they might be charged up to £50 fee for each event booked.
  5. Non-Members are expected to attend booked events and to email us at least 24 hours in advance if they are not able to attend. Regular ‘no shows’ may have bookings refused for future events or be charged up to £50 per event.
  6. Non-Members have no access to Zoom Chat Transcript and Recordings, Delegates Lists and Private Group on Linkedin.
  7. Non-members can attend only one Roundtable event, assuming they are invited by a Edinburgh Connections Member.
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